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You shall Remember To What I Say this to you

You shall Remember To What I Say this to you
(Naudzu billahi mindzalik)

It is certain that what you call that I (faith) to him can not allow any appeal both in this world and in the hereafter. And indeed we return to God, and indeed those who exceed the limits, they are the dwellers of Hell.

Later you will remember what I said to you. And I submit to God none of my business. Verily Allah sees His servants.

So God protect them from evil their guile, and Pharaoh and his clan surrounded by unspeakable doom.

To their viewpoint was seen hell in the morning and evening, and on the day of Judgment. (It says to Angel): "Please insert the Pharaoh and his people into a very harsh punishment."

And (remember) when they contend in Hell, then the weak say to those who boast, "Surely we are followers followers, then you can avoid us partially punishment of hellfire?"

People who boast replied: "Indeed we are all together in hell because God has set the decision between servants (Him)."

And those who are in hell said to the guards Hell, "Pray to your Lord that He may lighten the doom of our daily goods."

Hell guard said, "And do not come to you your apostles to bring particulars?"

They replied, "Yes, it's coming."

Hell guards and said, "Pray ye." And know that the prayers of the unbelievers is just futile.

~ Surah Ghafir 40: 43-50 by Sheikh Salman Al-Utaybi

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