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When Expert Tajwid Overcome Love

When Expert Tajwid Overcome Love****
✔ Unfortunately, when he first met you, I like meet with Saktah can only be stunned to hold his breath for a while.
✔ I'm in your eyes might like Dead Nun among idgham Billaghunnah, visible, but is considered no.
✔ I express my feelings intents and purposes like Idzhar,clear and bright.
✔ If Meme Dead meets Ba called ikhfa Syafawi, then when I met you, it's called love.
✔ moment we met view, then suddenly it was like Idgham Mutamaatsilain all fused into one.
✔ My love for you like Mad Prevalent. Longest among others.
✔ Once you accept my love, my heart feels like Qalqalah Kubro. Bounce-bounce hard.
✔ And finally after a long time we are together, we love like Iqlab,marked with two hearts together.
✔ dear to you as Mad Thobi'I in the Quran. Buanyaaakkk beneerrrrr.
✔ Hopefully in a relationship, we have kayaks idgham Bilaghunnah yes,only two, Lam and Ro '.
✔ Like the Waqf Mu'annaqah, you can only stop at one of them, him or me?
✔ Although attention ga look rich Alif Lam Syamsiah, I love you like Alif Lam Qomariah, clearly legible.
✔ Unfortunately, you and I like Idghom Mutajanisain. 2 encounter the same letter makhrajnya but different in character.
✔ I hope our love like Waqf Commonly, a perfect halt at the end of life.
✔ As with Mad 'Aridh where each mad met Lin Breadfruit Aridh will stop, as that is when the eyes see.
✔ The withdrawal letter Tafkhim, even your name in bold in fikiranku.
✔ As Imalah Law devoted to Ro 'course, as well as I that is just for you.
✔ May I be the last for you like Mad Aridlisukun.
^ - ^ Hope can

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