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Be Patient in Waiting

 Be Patient in Waiting

Be patient in waiting, as patiently Abraham | offspring when asked on God, then God bestowed him Ishmael
Patient in the business, as temper Mother Hagar and Ishmael | when her husband left without supplies, and God blessed them Zamzam water
Patient in the exam, as temper Ishmael and Abraham | when God asked for his life, then God save them, and God bless their offspring
Patient in propaganda, as the temper of the Prophet Muhammad | when to be vilified, threatened, expelled, abused, stoned, hurt, and God glorified his name in the heavens and on earth
Patient in spaciousness, as temper Solomon | test God with riches never given to anyone nevertheless, and he never felt had besides saying "It's just a gift from the Lord!"
Patient in pain, as the temper of the Prophet Ayyub | test God with body and soul, property and family, and God exalted rank in heaven
Patient in any way, because the angels in heaven will say "hello safety to you, because your patience"
(Ie) heaven 'Eden which they enter into it together with those of the pious fathers, wives and grandchildren, are angels enter their places of all doors, (reciting) :
"Salamun 'alaikum bima shabartum".. So it is good to place the end of it (Surah 13: 23-24)
akhukum fillah,felixsiauw

Jumat, 27 Maret 2015

4 Target Big Jokowi to Indonesia Terrific

4 Target Big Jokowi to Indonesia TerrificBy: Nandang Burhanuddin****
Either there are similarities or not, but Indonesia is a model that in-Mesirkan. The difference, Egypt was destroyed by a bloody coup by the military. While Indonesia was destroyed by a coup at the ballot box and the Constitutional Court.
3 large target equally threatening Indonesia and Egypt. Dr Ahmad Okasya, presidential adviser health sector in Egypt, propose some points to General al-Sisi, Egypt won the title for the sake of making a great country.
First: Operation Tajwi ', ie let the Egyptian people starve. This operation is successful.
It seems that the same thing is done Jokowi, according to the direction of Big Boss, starve the nation of Indonesia. This is done simultaneously, the target of 5 years is likely to be achieved. Suppose that the TNI no intelligent, considered emergency situations chaos and get rid of the dogs invaders.
Second: Creating the conditions of martial law, by generating explosions inside and create dolls scapegoat to be a target goal allegations.
The second operation are carried out and implemented. Explosions that sounded as if the orchestra together or interchangeably. As-side took the blessing with the emergence of ISIS, to suppress resistance antikudeta. ISIS is a blessing because Jamaat Ansar Baitul Maqdis already smelled as part of engineering intelligence.
The third operation: Creating an atmosphere of chaos in a sequence from one case to another case, so that people are not focused and easy to forget, until the edges are made indifferent.
Consider the effect of the news 16 citizens who disappeared in Turkey. ISIS issues its salient fact. Consider the "Taik" Ahok, people made the focus of the case Ahok, but prustasi highlights cases of corruption that wow and extravaganza. Consider how many foreign fishing vessels be destroyed? No right? Intelligence operations are linear but quite sophisticated destroy community focus.
Fourth Operation: spay critical people by giving wet positions.
In Egypt, the former Egyptian Interior Minister Habib Adli was acquitted of all charges, both human rights violations and corruption charges. On the other hand, student-student who was sentenced to 10-15 years in prison demo.
There are similarities with the case of Indonesia. The idea of ​​remission for corruption is designed in order to deflect the crime of corruption into glory. Handling corruption will not be as strongly to the LHI, because it is the issue of corruption has become a political commodity. One of them, spay the critical, critical political parties, to characters who still have the courage to criticize.
Greetings to bite the fingers to Indonesia in the era Jokowi motherfucker!

Jumat, 20 Maret 2015

When Expert Tajwid Overcome Love

When Expert Tajwid Overcome Love****
✔ Unfortunately, when he first met you, I like meet with Saktah can only be stunned to hold his breath for a while.
✔ I'm in your eyes might like Dead Nun among idgham Billaghunnah, visible, but is considered no.
✔ I express my feelings intents and purposes like Idzhar,clear and bright.
✔ If Meme Dead meets Ba called ikhfa Syafawi, then when I met you, it's called love.
✔ moment we met view, then suddenly it was like Idgham Mutamaatsilain all fused into one.
✔ My love for you like Mad Prevalent. Longest among others.
✔ Once you accept my love, my heart feels like Qalqalah Kubro. Bounce-bounce hard.
✔ And finally after a long time we are together, we love like Iqlab,marked with two hearts together.
✔ dear to you as Mad Thobi'I in the Quran. Buanyaaakkk beneerrrrr.
✔ Hopefully in a relationship, we have kayaks idgham Bilaghunnah yes,only two, Lam and Ro '.
✔ Like the Waqf Mu'annaqah, you can only stop at one of them, him or me?
✔ Although attention ga look rich Alif Lam Syamsiah, I love you like Alif Lam Qomariah, clearly legible.
✔ Unfortunately, you and I like Idghom Mutajanisain. 2 encounter the same letter makhrajnya but different in character.
✔ I hope our love like Waqf Commonly, a perfect halt at the end of life.
✔ As with Mad 'Aridh where each mad met Lin Breadfruit Aridh will stop, as that is when the eyes see.
✔ The withdrawal letter Tafkhim, even your name in bold in fikiranku.
✔ As Imalah Law devoted to Ro 'course, as well as I that is just for you.
✔ May I be the last for you like Mad Aridlisukun.
^ - ^ Hope can

Senin, 16 Maret 2015

Saudi Arabia at the moment

Saudi Arabia at The Moment 
By: Nandang Burhanuddin****
Sorry if in the era of the coup against President Mursi, I was convinced Saudi Arabia subject to the Judaization and Sabaisasi program. But with the death of King Abdullah, hope back menyemburat when King Salman came to the throne. Hope that is not too bright light, but enough to be a twinkle of light on hopes that seemed lost.
Yes I Do. Salman Raja could not be separated from the US and the UK. Indeed King Salman could not revoke the 100% support of the junta coup in Egypt. Only lunge King Salman from start inducted until about 100 days, enough to signal that Saudi Arabia back to the fold of Islam.
The indications are as follows:
1. King Salman restore political, diplomatic, and economic ties with Turkey after 1 year in the coup in Egypt faded.
Unsparing, Arabia signed an MoU investment of 600 billion dollars in Turkey, gradually paid 30 billion per year. Number of very tempting, compared with Saudi Arabia to grant the military junta in Egypt that only 3 billion alone.
Not to mention, strategic industry financing plan between Arabia and Turkey. The plan that has been scheduled to involve Egypt and Qatar. Industries include: satellite production, fighter planes, aircraft carriers, and other industries.
2. King Salman reopen a new chapter Saudi Arabia with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Ishlah in Yemen. Saudi really a big loss for his actions that helped finance the coup in Egypt. Losses Arabia, at the time the Brotherhood marginalized, even more jumawa Shiites throughout the Gulf and the Middle East.
The Muslim Brotherhood is the largest Islamic movement, with a set of Islamization project, superior human resources, and global relations. Error King Abdullah is the fear of the issues that threaten the Arab Springs throne Al Saud. Obviously all thanks to Israeli intelligence program, which is very intimate with At-Tuwaijiri, advisers and secret holder King Abdullah.
3. King Salman back open social projects for the Islamic world. Projects are often accused of being the spread of Wahabi. But it was after the 9/11 episode projects that basically inhibits the Christianization rate, total standstill.
I always prayed that King Salman given the strength and longevity, to devote themselves to Islam and Muslims around the world. Be patient for any discretion, which could not do Voila. Minimal damage was not as bad as King Abdullah raised or As-side in Egypt or Jokowi in Indonesia.
March 12, 2015

Senin, 02 Maret 2015

About Women Who works Outside Home

About Women Who works Outside Home
About Women Who works Outside Home
About Women Who works Outside Home

"Teacher, is not in our religious teachings advised that the women working at home and outside the home instead as men because the accompanying libel very powerful especially in these last days?" Asked a female student to teacher.

"You're right. But do you know why the majority of women work outside the home? "Asked the teacher.

"Due to apply their knowledge, teacher." Answer  ones other students.

"Yes. There is another reason? "

"For pity that their diploma is not useful." Replied the other students.

"Yes. Others? "

"Because emancipation!" Replied the other.

"It should be called emancipation. But note that a lot of the time of such damage caused by a lot of women who violate religious advice to them.

Remember that the reason why women are largely out of the house for a living among the reasons are:

1. No who man gave him a living as her husband was still alive needs to be kept running. Not always the parents can give him and might be time he return the favor by working parents.

2. Men who work do not all give sustenance to his wife with decent. This is only done when the persecute man needs (personal) is the obligation of the husband of the woman but no / less fulfilled until he was forced to work outside.

3. There is an understanding that women work outside the order later persecute not her husband in case of something that caused them to split / disconnection gift from husband.

4. There is an understanding that women are educated well educated NOT just to pass the time but in order to align with man in work / work. And the fact that most women outperform men SUCCEED in business.

what is needed now is more serious thought than the male, WHAT KIND OF WORK TO DO WOMEN (wife) in his home while caring for children for example. This is important to clarify and put into practice because of slander women who work outside the home is very large at the end of this era.

Indeed, serious preparation, debriefing, learning endlessly, actual practice and solving problems faced including scale-scale success in the area of ​​duties, powers and duties of a wife in this region is far more important than the diploma pieces displayed on the walls, of pride for his accomplishments in office and of the praise of others.

And this is one of the serious problems at the end of this era when many of us who know and understand that the duty of a wife (Muslim) in the home is far more precious because he was obliged to keep her husband's property, gory as assisting the needs of her husband and a very noble role as a shaper future generations better, cautious and in the shadow of the blessings God ... .. "

~ Irfan Hidayat 26012003 @ earth Depok - because Life is Love
sources and discussion in a long comment click here

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You shall Remember To What I Say this to you

You shall Remember To What I Say this to you
(Naudzu billahi mindzalik)

It is certain that what you call that I (faith) to him can not allow any appeal both in this world and in the hereafter. And indeed we return to God, and indeed those who exceed the limits, they are the dwellers of Hell.

Later you will remember what I said to you. And I submit to God none of my business. Verily Allah sees His servants.

So God protect them from evil their guile, and Pharaoh and his clan surrounded by unspeakable doom.

To their viewpoint was seen hell in the morning and evening, and on the day of Judgment. (It says to Angel): "Please insert the Pharaoh and his people into a very harsh punishment."

And (remember) when they contend in Hell, then the weak say to those who boast, "Surely we are followers followers, then you can avoid us partially punishment of hellfire?"

People who boast replied: "Indeed we are all together in hell because God has set the decision between servants (Him)."

And those who are in hell said to the guards Hell, "Pray to your Lord that He may lighten the doom of our daily goods."

Hell guard said, "And do not come to you your apostles to bring particulars?"

They replied, "Yes, it's coming."

Hell guards and said, "Pray ye." And know that the prayers of the unbelievers is just futile.

~ Surah Ghafir 40: 43-50 by Sheikh Salman Al-Utaybi

Sabtu, 28 Februari 2015



Today the teacher asked about his dream to life. The disciples answered assortment, there are people who want to become rich, there is a wife who wants to have a beautiful voluptuous, anyone wants to have many children, anyone wants to have acres of paddy fields, there are people who want to be successful, there is also a want to have a car so that no heat on and nobody wants to pilgrimage to the House and so on.

Then the Master said to them, "And what is wrong if if God does not grant that dream?"

"No Master." Answer the students in unison.

"And if it turns out He answers all your dreams it is a sign that you may be successful?" The disciples fell silent and looked at each other.

"That is how the teacher?" Asked a student.

"Do you belonged to the fortunate if God grant that your dream?"

"God insyaa thus Teacher." Answer a student with some hesitation.

"Can I tell you a little secret something that can at least encourage you to achieve your dream it?"

"Want Teacher ..." replied the students in unison.

"Find dream to realize the dreams of others. Help your neighbor, your brother happiness, share the happiness and help others to achieve their dreams with the awareness that God move his hands and feet to help them achieve it and work as well flowed there.

Believe that anything you do to others will affect your kindness to yourself because of your dreams whatever it is 'small and simple' Him for granted while your awareness of being part of realize for other people is a major dream in Her care. "

~ IH 21092014bumiDepok #sebabhidupadalahCinta