Jumat, 27 Maret 2015

4 Target Big Jokowi to Indonesia Terrific

4 Target Big Jokowi to Indonesia TerrificBy: Nandang Burhanuddin****
Either there are similarities or not, but Indonesia is a model that in-Mesirkan. The difference, Egypt was destroyed by a bloody coup by the military. While Indonesia was destroyed by a coup at the ballot box and the Constitutional Court.
3 large target equally threatening Indonesia and Egypt. Dr Ahmad Okasya, presidential adviser health sector in Egypt, propose some points to General al-Sisi, Egypt won the title for the sake of making a great country.
First: Operation Tajwi ', ie let the Egyptian people starve. This operation is successful.
It seems that the same thing is done Jokowi, according to the direction of Big Boss, starve the nation of Indonesia. This is done simultaneously, the target of 5 years is likely to be achieved. Suppose that the TNI no intelligent, considered emergency situations chaos and get rid of the dogs invaders.
Second: Creating the conditions of martial law, by generating explosions inside and create dolls scapegoat to be a target goal allegations.
The second operation are carried out and implemented. Explosions that sounded as if the orchestra together or interchangeably. As-side took the blessing with the emergence of ISIS, to suppress resistance antikudeta. ISIS is a blessing because Jamaat Ansar Baitul Maqdis already smelled as part of engineering intelligence.
The third operation: Creating an atmosphere of chaos in a sequence from one case to another case, so that people are not focused and easy to forget, until the edges are made indifferent.
Consider the effect of the news 16 citizens who disappeared in Turkey. ISIS issues its salient fact. Consider the "Taik" Ahok, people made the focus of the case Ahok, but prustasi highlights cases of corruption that wow and extravaganza. Consider how many foreign fishing vessels be destroyed? No right? Intelligence operations are linear but quite sophisticated destroy community focus.
Fourth Operation: spay critical people by giving wet positions.
In Egypt, the former Egyptian Interior Minister Habib Adli was acquitted of all charges, both human rights violations and corruption charges. On the other hand, student-student who was sentenced to 10-15 years in prison demo.
There are similarities with the case of Indonesia. The idea of ​​remission for corruption is designed in order to deflect the crime of corruption into glory. Handling corruption will not be as strongly to the LHI, because it is the issue of corruption has become a political commodity. One of them, spay the critical, critical political parties, to characters who still have the courage to criticize.
Greetings to bite the fingers to Indonesia in the era Jokowi motherfucker!

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