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About Women Who works Outside Home

About Women Who works Outside Home
About Women Who works Outside Home
About Women Who works Outside Home

"Teacher, is not in our religious teachings advised that the women working at home and outside the home instead as men because the accompanying libel very powerful especially in these last days?" Asked a female student to teacher.

"You're right. But do you know why the majority of women work outside the home? "Asked the teacher.

"Due to apply their knowledge, teacher." Answer  ones other students.

"Yes. There is another reason? "

"For pity that their diploma is not useful." Replied the other students.

"Yes. Others? "

"Because emancipation!" Replied the other.

"It should be called emancipation. But note that a lot of the time of such damage caused by a lot of women who violate religious advice to them.

Remember that the reason why women are largely out of the house for a living among the reasons are:

1. No who man gave him a living as her husband was still alive needs to be kept running. Not always the parents can give him and might be time he return the favor by working parents.

2. Men who work do not all give sustenance to his wife with decent. This is only done when the persecute man needs (personal) is the obligation of the husband of the woman but no / less fulfilled until he was forced to work outside.

3. There is an understanding that women work outside the order later persecute not her husband in case of something that caused them to split / disconnection gift from husband.

4. There is an understanding that women are educated well educated NOT just to pass the time but in order to align with man in work / work. And the fact that most women outperform men SUCCEED in business.

what is needed now is more serious thought than the male, WHAT KIND OF WORK TO DO WOMEN (wife) in his home while caring for children for example. This is important to clarify and put into practice because of slander women who work outside the home is very large at the end of this era.

Indeed, serious preparation, debriefing, learning endlessly, actual practice and solving problems faced including scale-scale success in the area of ​​duties, powers and duties of a wife in this region is far more important than the diploma pieces displayed on the walls, of pride for his accomplishments in office and of the praise of others.

And this is one of the serious problems at the end of this era when many of us who know and understand that the duty of a wife (Muslim) in the home is far more precious because he was obliged to keep her husband's property, gory as assisting the needs of her husband and a very noble role as a shaper future generations better, cautious and in the shadow of the blessings God ... .. "

~ Irfan Hidayat 26012003 @ earth Depok - because Life is Love
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