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Saudi Arabia at the moment

Saudi Arabia at The Moment 
By: Nandang Burhanuddin****
Sorry if in the era of the coup against President Mursi, I was convinced Saudi Arabia subject to the Judaization and Sabaisasi program. But with the death of King Abdullah, hope back menyemburat when King Salman came to the throne. Hope that is not too bright light, but enough to be a twinkle of light on hopes that seemed lost.
Yes I Do. Salman Raja could not be separated from the US and the UK. Indeed King Salman could not revoke the 100% support of the junta coup in Egypt. Only lunge King Salman from start inducted until about 100 days, enough to signal that Saudi Arabia back to the fold of Islam.
The indications are as follows:
1. King Salman restore political, diplomatic, and economic ties with Turkey after 1 year in the coup in Egypt faded.
Unsparing, Arabia signed an MoU investment of 600 billion dollars in Turkey, gradually paid 30 billion per year. Number of very tempting, compared with Saudi Arabia to grant the military junta in Egypt that only 3 billion alone.
Not to mention, strategic industry financing plan between Arabia and Turkey. The plan that has been scheduled to involve Egypt and Qatar. Industries include: satellite production, fighter planes, aircraft carriers, and other industries.
2. King Salman reopen a new chapter Saudi Arabia with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Ishlah in Yemen. Saudi really a big loss for his actions that helped finance the coup in Egypt. Losses Arabia, at the time the Brotherhood marginalized, even more jumawa Shiites throughout the Gulf and the Middle East.
The Muslim Brotherhood is the largest Islamic movement, with a set of Islamization project, superior human resources, and global relations. Error King Abdullah is the fear of the issues that threaten the Arab Springs throne Al Saud. Obviously all thanks to Israeli intelligence program, which is very intimate with At-Tuwaijiri, advisers and secret holder King Abdullah.
3. King Salman back open social projects for the Islamic world. Projects are often accused of being the spread of Wahabi. But it was after the 9/11 episode projects that basically inhibits the Christianization rate, total standstill.
I always prayed that King Salman given the strength and longevity, to devote themselves to Islam and Muslims around the world. Be patient for any discretion, which could not do Voila. Minimal damage was not as bad as King Abdullah raised or As-side in Egypt or Jokowi in Indonesia.
March 12, 2015

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